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plantation - photo/picture definition - plantation word and phrase image
- Original filename: plantation.jpg, added July 12, 2009 by ©
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JPEG Quality: 95%
Exif data:
Manufacturer of image input equipment (IFD0):SONYModel of image input equipment (IFD0):DSLR-A300
Exposure time (EXIF):1/160ISO speed rating (EXIF):100
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Image title (IFD0):SONY DSC
Orientation of image (IFD0):8
Image resolution in width direction (IFD0):300/1
Image resolution in height direction (IFD0):300/1
Unit of X and Y resolution (IFD0):2
Software used (IFD0):DSLR-A300 v1.00
File change date and time (IFD0):2009:06:28 15:39:16
Y and C positioning (IFD0):1
F number (EXIF):28/5
Exposure program (EXIF):3
Exif Version (EXIF):0221
Date and time original image was generated (EXIF):2009:06:28 06:39:16
Date and time image was made digital data (EXIF):2009:06:28 15:39:16
Brightness (EXIF):737/100
Exposure bias (EXIF):0/1
Maximum lens aperture (EXIF):40761/8200
Metering mode (EXIF):5
Light source (EXIF):0
Flash (EXIF):16
Lens focal length (EXIF):70/1
Color space information (EXIF):65535
Custom image processing (EXIF):0
Exposure mode (EXIF):0
White balance (EXIF):1
Focal length in 35 mm film (EXIF):105
Scene capture type (EXIF):0
Contrast (EXIF):0
Saturation (EXIF):0
Sharpness (EXIF):0

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